Showcase 2: stories of 'Co' - co-design, co-create- co-deliver


Showcase - Event 2:
Stories of 'Co' - co-design, co-create, co-deliver 
Friday 4 July, 8.30am 
Adelaide Festival Centre

The second event in our exciting Showcase series, Stories of ‘Co’, explored how people have worked together in new and creative ways. View the program here. 

Part one was a PechuKucha style event, featuring visually engaging presentations given by some of South Australia’s most interesting ‘Co’ practitioners. Part two featured a ‘Co’ workshop organised by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) and facilitated by Martin Stewart-Weeks. The workshop introduced an approach to co-design that balances meeting user needs with financial sustainability. 

This event was run by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in partnership with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation.

This event featured presentations that use PechaKucha 20 images X 20 seconds format. Find out more at

Some quotes from the event:

  • "Co creation puts some of the power in the public hands" 
  • "How to keep the support over the long term? Get the bandits on the train so they can't blow up the track"  
  • "For someone to remain involved, the idea has got to form part of who they are" 
  • "Very glad I could take part. Such wow; very 'co' many inspirations" 
  • "Inspiring stuff... A great time to be in Adelaide. Keen to be part of evolutionary change"