Gamification Masterclass


You'll want to be at this masterclass if you are working on, or planning, an interaction with the community where 'gamification' would increase interest and engagement.

Bookings will open shortly and we will ask you to provide a short statement to explain your interest to ensure that the 25 people who attend are able to enhanse or implement their projects from this exciting opportunity.

Our Presenter: Zac Fitz-Walter, Gamification and UX Geek

Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter is a game researcher and design expert who believes that your next boss will be a game designer. He proposes that the secret to effective work and motivation can be found in the unique and engaging way in which games are designed. He takes the most popular games and unpacks them, looking at how they effectively align with motivational science and research. He also explains how thinking like a game designer can be an incredibly effective approach to business, health and education.

This course will cover:
- motivation
- problem identification
- who are our players
- changing the game
- finding the fun
- reinforcing the learning