Engagement Level Selection Tool

The following table represents an interactive tool for assessing community and stakeholder expectations to determine appropriate levels of engagement for your initiative.  You can use this tool to assess the:

  • complexity;
  • potential community impact;
  • political sensitivity; and
  • most importantly the level of influence the community has in the decision being made.

These aspects will help identify the IAP2 level of engagement that may be appropriate for your initiative, which are:

  • Inform - we will keep you informed
  • Consult - we will listen to and acknowledge your concerns and aspirations and provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision
  • Involve - we will work with you to ensure your concerns and aspirations are directly reflected in the alternatives/proposals developed
  • Collaborate - we will work together with you to formulate solutions and incorporate your advice and recommendations to the maximum extent possible
  • Empower - we will implement what you decide

This tool can also help identify varying levels of engagement for different stakeholder groups and communities.

Area Low Med High Explanation
Degree of project complexity
  • L There is one clear issue and/or problem that needs to be addressed
  • M There are more than one or two issues and/or problems that can be resolved
  • H There are multiple issues and/or problems and it is unclear how to resolve them
Potential Community Impact
  • L The project will have little effect on our communities and they will hardly notice any changes as a result
  • M The project will fix a major problem that will benefit our communities and the change will cause minor inconvenience
  • H The project will create a change that will have an impact on our communities and the environments they live in.
Political sensitivity
  • L The project has acceptance throughout our communities
  • M Communities see potential in raising the profile of the project to gain attention for their cause
  • H Communities’ expectations about the project are different to those of decision makers. There is high potential for individuals and groups to use the uncertainty to gain attention
Can communities of interest influence the decision? Tick yes, if the community and/or stakeholders can influence the decision making process (either for the whole project or part of it).
Tick no, if the decision has already been made.
Your recommended level of engagement
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