Better Together training

Better Together training enables the South Australian Government to make better decisions by bringing the voices of citizens and stakeholders into the issues that are relevant to them.

The Better Together program offers the following FREE training sessions for SA public sector staff:

  • Principles of Engagement workshops to learn how to apply the guiding principles in your work and improve your engagement practice.  This workshop is a pre-requisite for ALL Better Together Masterclasses.
  • Masterclasses - smaller interactive sessions on a range of engagement topics to give you a deeper understanding of specific techniques and strategies.
  • Showcases - larger scale series of events featuring thought-provoking guest speakers, informative presenters and inspiring practitioners who have shaped and influenced engagement practice throughout South Australia. These events are open to anyone from the public or private sector or the general public.


Upcoming Training Calendar

Mon, Aug 28 at 12:00 AM

OpenState - 10 days of training and inspiration!

Click here for access to over 150 events - many with democracy and engagement themes. Open State festival 28 September - 8 October 2017 in Adelaide. 

28 Sept – 8 Oct 2017, Adelaide, South Australia
A festival of innovation, collaboration, ideas and enterprise

Open State is a festival of collaboration, innovation, ideas and enterprise. It aims to: Position South Australia as a place open to new ideas, new people and new technology; Connect leading national and international expertise with SA government, business and community organisations; Inspire a culture of innovation and collaboration in South Australia; Position South Australia as a leader in democratic reform, business and community innovation.

Open State allows us to peer into the future across six future-focussed themes. What does rapid change and technology mean for our health and wellbeing as future humans? What will the future planet where we live look like – will it be a toasty Earth or another? How will people, design and technology shape the future cities of tomorrow? What does future food look like and where will it come from? Can future enterprise make a profit and deliver social good, and what will careers look like? How can a future democracy address the big global issues and help us find new ways to work together? 

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